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LX over wrapper from Marden Edwards increases production for Aron Streit

Marden Edwards (ME) has supplied its latest LX over wrapper to kosher bakers Aron Streit Inc, based in New York USA, to handle increased production of its range of matzos crackers which are packed in cartons.

The new machine replaces an older wrapper from Marden Edwards, purchased more than 15 years ago.

The company needed higher rates of production than the older machine was able to achieve. Alan Adler, operations director at Streit and a great grandson of the founder, explains "Increased demand for our daily products means we have to continuously operate two ovens rather than one and the old machine is unable to cope with the output from both. Also we are running 12 to 14 hour shifts meaning the wrapper has to be reliable." So he contacted ME’s agent for northeast America, Mateer Associates, to investigate the model which most closely matched his needs.

Mr Adler continued "We like the over wrap style for our cartons as it sets us apart from other products on the shelves, which simply use cellophane bags inserted into the carton. Based on our past experience with ME machines we knew they were one of the few companies with sufficient expertise to deliver what we needed."

Currently the new wrapper is running at around 50 cartons/minute, compared with the 30 cartons/minute previously achieved. The carton size, at 180x192x65mm, is quite large for the speed required, according to Mateer Associates. Additionally the machine has a print registration facility for alignment of pre printed film to the product.

LX automatic over wrappers are designed to enable customisation to suit individual customer requirements and are capable of handling a diverse range of pack sizes and types, using an envelope end fold, or concealed base overlap. Both infeed and outfeed were modified to accommodate the matzos product carton.

Standard features include an integral variable speed infeed; low level cantilevered film spindle; and speedy tool-less size change. Optional features include print registration facility; tear tape applicator; sleeve or full over wrap; and capability to use uncoated paper with a cold glue seal.

A final word from Mr Adler, "The improved electronics help us to track our daily output and keep better control of production. The control system is also easy to manage and understand which means our operators find the LX easy to use."

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