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LXE introduces Thor vehicle mount computer

Three Patent-Pending Features Combined with Laptop-Grade Processing Power to Deliver Untapped Supply Chain ROI

LXE, part of EMS Technologies’ (NASDAQ: ELMG) Global Resource Management business unit, today announced the launch of the Thor™ vehicle-mount computer, targeting all logistics applications. The Thor houses an industry-leading Atom processor running either Windows Embedded Standard or Windows Embedded Compact (Win CE6.0).The Thor computer is the latest device to use the full-screen (WVGA), full keypad form factor developed by LXE. "The Thor vehicle-mount computer can provide unprecedented gains in ROI," said Ian Davies, Country Manager LXE UK.

"Technology delivers ROI when resources – both human and capital – are able to be invested in profit-generating areas, and not in the maintenance or use of the technology itself. The Thor is purpose-built for businesses to achieve these types of immediate, measurable results."

The Thor computer delivers these results with three patent-pending features; Field-Replaceable Front Panel, Quick Mount Smart Dock, and Ignition Control.

Field-Replaceable Front Panel
Historically, a vehicle-mount computer needing a new front panel, either as a result of breakage, wear, or a desired new key configuration, required an end user to send the unit back to the manufacturer for replacement, or the purchase of an entirely new unit.

The Thor allows for more flexibility as well as time and cost savings with its field-replaceable front panel:

• Panels can be changed within minutes with a screwdriver

• Replacement front panel maintains the unit’s IP 66 protection against water and dust

• Computer automatically recognises any changes to keyboard configuration

Quick Mount Smart Dock
The end user is able to detach the Thor from its vehicle-mount. This feature presents numerous advantages;

• One-hand removal of unit from vehicle-mount

• Can stay powered up for up to 30 minutes via battery backup

• Enterprises can deploy mounts on all forklifts, with computers only for forklifts in use

• IT departments can detach the unit for needed software updates

• Can be easily transferred from one forklift to another as forklift maintenance is required

Ignition Control
The ignition control function can save minutes in startup every time the operator needs to leave the forklift throughout the day. In an enterprise application, those minutes can add up quickly in cost savings.

• Starts up with the forklift ignition, saving the operator an extra step

• Preferences may be set to sleep, shut down, or stay powered up on battery backup when the forklift powers down.

The device makes its European debut at SITL Paris on March 29th. Units are currently deployed at beta test sites throughout North America and Europe, and select configurations begin shipping to customers on April 15th, 2011.

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