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Mad About Boxes offers new bale arm containers that reduce transport costs

Mad About Boxes now stocks bale arm containers, which stack using bale arms that support the crate above. These fold back on return journeys so empty containers can nest, reducing transport costs. Customers ordering from www.madaboutboxes.co.uk can get them within five working days or overnight if necessary!

Bale Arm Containers from Mad About Boxes are reusable, returnable and recyclable. Moulded from strong high-impact polypropylene to protect goods in transit, they are strong, durable, and resist the rough treatment typical of road haulage. This helps prevent damage on route, minimising associated losses.

Many bale arm containers have perforations in their sides and bases that allow air to circulate round the goods. Crates like these are ideal for companies that ship newly picked fruit and vegetables, which require air to stay fresh. Comfortable handgrips on all Mad Boxes’ bale arm containers facilitate swift, easy handling.

Compared to other forms of packaging such as cardboard, plastic is the clear choice. Returnable packaging reduces waste and is easy to sanitise, which makes it hygienic and exempt from international shipping legislation that restricts the movement of wooden crates.

Now in its second year, Mad About Boxes sells high quality product at low prices. It accepts small orders and ships deliveries over £50 free.

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