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Major floor upgrade keeps the presses running

The CoGri Group has completed a major upgrade of the 3500m² concrete floor at Trinity Mirror's print works at Watford, Hertfordshire, while allowing the company's newspapers and magazines to be printed with minimum interruption.

Installation of new printing presses and a laser-guided vehicle system for moving 1.5-tonne paper rolls around the production area required the existing floor to be repaired and upgraded. An initial profileograph survey of the existing floor by CoGri staff identified areas that did not meet the DIN18202 standard required for the new reel-handling system to work properly, and these were rectified as required following removal of the existing concrete paint.

CoGri also repaired 300 metres of floor joints, using high-quality epoxy mortar to re-build the joints, before re-cutting them, filling them to the full depth with semi-rigid sealant and grinding them flat to produce a completely even surface. Finally, the whole floor was coated with a clear sealant.

Most of the project was completed over eight week-ends, with CoGri staff working from early each morning until mid-afternoon so the printing schedules were not interrupted.

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