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Major supply chain improvements follow latest European investment by TydenBrooks

Significant customer benefits are being enjoyed following TydenBrooks Security Products Group’s recent, additional manufacturing investment at the Group’s European logistics centre in Worcester, England.

The continuing increase in demand for a whole range of the Group’s security sealing solutions across EMEA has resulted in this latest phase of investment, which sees the introduction of moulding and marking for key plastic products in the UK, to better serve existing and new customers. Including Secur-Grip and Secur-Pull, All Seal and Equilok, in addition to stocking and marking cable and bolt seals, the supply chain has been greatly reduced, enabling faster shipments to customers and at even more competitive prices.

The latest in the Secur-Pull range of adjustable seals will also be produced and marked in the UK. Developed in direct response to customer requirements for a larger diameter seal with no loss of flexibility, smoothness of use or versatility of application, the extra strength Secur-Pull 3.8 is now available. Designed for slightly heavier applications, for example on cages, drums, tank trucks and large bags, the seal incorporates a metal locking insert for greater security.

Dennis Vitalis, Sales Director EMEA, comments: “We are delighted to announce this latest phase of the Group’s $multi-million worldwide investment programme which enables us to better manage the whole supply chain for certain key products from our European logistics centre. We can now react even more quickly and cost efficiently, bringing additional, direct benefits to our customers as they compete in an ever more competitive global market place.

“In addition, utilising the efficiencies of our main production facilities in Asia and the Americas provides a cost base which enables us to offer the most appropriate and competitive solutions. The latest investment in UK production and customer support balances the wider Group capability with fast local shipments to meet immediate needs and represents an important step in our wider programme to continuously improve service levels across the complete EMEA region”.

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