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Making Mendip more Eco Friendly

Cardboard can be recycled at paper recycling banks where this poster is displayed. Mendip officers Toni Cox (left) and Emma Gowing show how paper and cardboard can be recycled at paper banks across Mendip

Cardboard can now be recycled at all of Mendip's paper banks as part of a new project to make the district more eco-friendly.

Following requests by the public, Mendip District Council has arranged with Perrys Recycling for cardboard to be included in all paper banks across Mendip. This is in addition to the cardboard recycling facilities at the Household Waste and Recycling Centres across Somerset.

The move will further bolster the district's record recycling rate which currently stands at 42.3 per cent, and at 49 per cent when the Household Waste and Recycling Centres in the Mendip area are also taken into account.

Under the new scheme, the public is being urged to flatten cardboard before taking it to the large blue recycling banks at car parks and supermarkets. Recyclers must also ensure that all card and paper is pushed through the slots on each side of the banks.

This will help reduce the risk of waste littering the local area, and ensure that the bins are used to their full capacity. The size of the slots on the bank means that only flattened cardboard can be thrown away.

It must also be stressed that packaging such as milk and juice cartons cannot be recycled in the paper banks as they contain a plastic/foil lining which would contaminate the process.

Emma Gowing, from Mendip District Council's waste team,
said: “Mendip residents are doing a fantastic job with their recycling efforts, and we hope these new facilities will continue to build on the district's recycling success.

“The key message is 'flat pack or take it back' because we want cardboard recyclers to ensure they flatten their card before going to paper banks so that it's easier for them to recycle but also so that space in the bins isn't wasted by unflattened card.”

Currently a trial scheme is being undertaken in parts of Mendip to collect cardboard and plastic bottles as part of the kerbside collection service. This trial will run until October when its success will be evaluated. The results from this trial will enable Mendip District Council to determine the most cost effective method of collecting cardboard and plastic bottles

The district council's portfolio holder for planning and environment, Cllr Nigel Woollcombe-Adams, said: “Yet again, Mendip District Council is highlighting its serious commitment to recycling. Our residents are already some of the best recyclers in Somerset.

“With these new cardboard facilities, we are confident that our recycling rate will grow so that we can continue reducing household waste to strengthen our commitment to enhancing Mendip as a place to live.”

To find out more about the services provided by Mendip District Council telephone customer services on 01749 648999 e-mail:
customerservices@mendip.gov.uk, or visit www.mendip.gov.uk.

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