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Malvern Hills District Council implements MOBA bin identification technology

In an effort to make their waste collection service more efficient and transparent, Malvern Hills DC has taken a pioneering move to fit bin identification technology to its refuse collection vehicles (RCVs). Once the system is fully rolled out, during spring 2014, Malvern Hills will have access to a rich source of management data which will assist the council in understanding far more about their waste collection services.

Paul Lodge, Malvern Hills DC Transport Manager commented, "This new technology will provide our residents with a more efficient collection service which will also enable the operation to improve upon its current service standards and improve the customer experience".

The identification technology has been provided by MOBA Mobile Automation; Europe’s leading player in bin identification and weighing systems. With MOBA’s ‘MAWIS’ ID technology, Malvern Hills can identify each bin lifted by its RCVs, which will then consequently provide the council with a rich source of management data which it can use to shape its future waste collection strategy. Furthermore, the vehicles can be retro-fitted with MOBA’s bin weighing technology which will enable the council to look at future route optimisation of existing rounds.

Bin recognition is extremely useful to councils, and even more so in a rural area, as it avoids the costs of sending back a wagon to collect a missed bin as well resolving disputes with residents who claim their bins have not been emptied. The rich management data will also tell give the council a history of which bins in which street are not regularly put out for collection – especially recycling bins – and now even enables residents to be contacted in advance to remind them of the collection dates.

Ian Lewis, MOBA UK’s General Manager said, "An increasing number of municipalities are now seeing the benefits that bin ID technology brings. The rich management data it can provide will not only make waste collection processes more transparent but it will also help to optimise them".

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