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MAN expands extra heavy truck offering in Latin America

MAN is continuing its expansion in the Latin American market in 2012: the launch of the TGX heavy truck series will see MAN-branded trucks produced in Brazil and sold in Central and South America for the first time ever. More synergies between the European and South American commercial vehicle businesses can also be found under the hood: most of the new VW Constellation ADVANTECH trucks are now powered by MAN D08 engines. The European-designed engine model was customized to the local emerging markets’ needs and is now going to be produced in Brazil for the first time. It meets the P7 standard, which has been in place there since January 2012. The P7 emission standard is comparable with the European Euro V standard.

MAN Latin America continues to make VW-branded vehicles and sell them. To start with, three TGX truck models boasting over 400 horsepower will now be produced locally for the Latin American market in Brazil for the first time. All MAN vehicles meet the recently introduced Euro V emission standard. The TGX premium series will enable MAN Latin America to expand its portfolio in the extra heavy segment and consolidate its standing as Brazil’s market leader – a position which it has held uncontested since 2003.

The new VW Constellation ADVANTECH series, which has been available on the Brazilian market since January 2012, shows how joint cooperation between Europe and South America can go even further. In addition to a large number of innovations, the main advantages of the new vehicles are the MAN D08 engines they feature. Thanks to a built-in EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system, the MAN D08 also meets the P7 emission standard introduced in Brazil this year. The Brazilian versions of the engine in the VW Constellation ADVANTECH series range from 190 to 280 horsepower.

MAN has adapted the TGX series vehicles to local needs for production in Brazil, testing them over 6 million kilometers and making 200 product modifications so that they meet the requirements of the growth markets in Central and South America. Local development demanded investments of approximately €40 million, as well as the construction of a new training center and a parts distribution hub. The Brazilian Development Center is located in the Resende plant, where an exclusive MAN assembly line was also built in cooperation with European engineers. The manufacturing capacity per year is set to reach 5,000 TGX vehicles.

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