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Management software CANbus from Trakm8 keeps vehicle fleets running

Trakm8’s advanced CANbus system allows vehicle fleets to keep running 24/7 by identifying faults before the vehicle breaks down.

Trakm8 CANbus links to the engine control unit, transmission and braking systems; allowing fuel and maintenance cost saving and remote fault diagnostics through proactive vehicle management.

The system continuously monitors the health of the vehicle through listening to the vehicle’s on board computers. When faults are identified, automated alerts are sent via the SWIFT web portal, email or text to fleet managers. High level summary reports, exception reporting and detail diagnostics are all provided to efficiently manage even the largest fleets. Often the problem can be fixed before the vehicle breaks down.

John Watkins, Trakm8 CEO, said: ‘Trakm8 CANbus allows us to receive a comprehensive set of fault codes from each vehicle. Fleet managers can then make judgements on the severity of the fault. Often the spare part can be ordered and delivered before the vehicle returns, ensuring that time off the road is kept to a minimum’

Trakm8 CANbus also allows other data to be gathered including a vehicle’s fuel usage, driver behaviour and vehicle idling levels. All of these can affect the vehicle’s efficiency and a company’s profitability.

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