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Manitou forklift trucks the “One Stop Shop” for Askern UK Ltd

Askern UK Ltd have been producing and supplying cable drums for the past 67 years. From its humble beginnings in 1947 to now being one of the biggest suppliers of cable drums in Europe the company is at the forefront of the cable, extrusion, wire and rope industries.

Askern UK Ltd pride themselves on being one of the few manufacturers that have the in house knowledge, expertise and more importantly the capability to supply a range of cable drums, reels and bobbins in a huge variety of sizes and specifications. These can be made in a variety of materials such as cardboard, plywood and softwood. However what really makes Askern stand out among its competition is their ability to be not just a producer but a partner to work alongside their customers and create bespoke solutions from initial consultation to production.

With the knowledge gained through long term partnerships Askern, have the technical expertise to offer advice on cost saving by making sure the specification of their products exactly matches the requirements of their customer.

When looking at replacing their fleet of IC trucks, warehouse equipment and rough terrain forklifts Askern, once again have used long term relationships as one of their buying criteria. They had been using Manitou rough terrain forklifts for a number of years and had built up a good working relationship with the local dealer Hessle Fork Trucks Ltd of Castleford Yorkshire. Manitou and Hessle was able to offer Askern a “one stop shop” for all their material handling requirements. The site was evaluated and the requirements discussed so that the correct Manitou machinery could be selected.

The Askern fleet now comprises of M50-4 rough terrain forklifts for the handling of heavy timber packs on semi stabilized ground, MI 35 machines for moving material and unloading/loading trailers in the yard, ME 315 for working in the factory and Electric pallet trucks for precise placement during production.

One of the key buying decisions was the build quality and simplicity of the Manitou Industrial range. The atmosphere is very dusty and the ground uneven so the MI range with direct mount hydraulic systems, excellent driver ergonomics and optional half cabs was appreciated by the drivers who have to operate the machines in all weather conditions.

The other main reason to purchase the Manitou machines was the backup service Askern had already been receiving from Hessle Fork trucks. Hessle’s Castleford depot is very close to Askerns’ production facility and they have over 30 years of experience of Manitou products. This experience enables them to offer a professional and prompt after sales service on all of the Askern machines.
With the growing product line of Askern UK Ltd, the comprehensive range of material handling machines from Manitou and the expertise of Hessle Fork trucks the relationship, should remain strong for many years to come.

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