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Manufacturer of rugged mobile computers LXE announce new Toughtalk headsets for voice recognition

LXE Inc., the rugged mobile computer business of EMS Technologies, Inc., announced today the immediate availability of 4 new LXE headsets designed for voice recognition applications, such as intensive picking.

The headset is a major element of a voice-recognition solution, it is the primary interface between the operator- the man on the workfloor- and the system. The ergonomics, design and ease of use of the headset have a direct influence on the productivity of the operator.

The new LXE headsets are designed so the worker can hear the system prompts in all types of warehouse environments. They operate in -40 °C to +50 °C temperatures, they utilise a dual sound port microphone design, which facilitates increased cancellation of ambient noise. They use a waterproof microphone, suitable for dry, cooler or freezer use.

The 4 new models are:

ToughTalk HS1 – Single ear, single over-the-head headband

ToughTalk HS2 – Single ear, dual over-the-head headband

ToughTalk HS3 – Wireframe, dual ear, behind-the-neck

ToughTalk HS4 – Rugged, single ear, dual padded over-the-head headband

LXE has a unique voice hardware portfolio. Dedicated voice units are available for voice only applications. Multimodal and multi-use (voice + scanning) units allow the same piece of hardware to be used for different applications and job processes.

These units are available in handheld and vehicle mounted formats as well as in the innovative wearable format.

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