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Manufacturer of vacuum tankers and jetting equipment Whale Tankers refine its corporate identity

In addition to continuing to innovate its product and service offering, Solihull-based Whale Tankers Limited – a leading manufacturer of vacuum tankers and jetting equipment – has invested in refining its corporate identity.

Set to be rolled out across the company’s marketing and promotional material as the year unfolds, the new look for Whale Tankers centres on the themes ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Change Through Evolution’.

As Managing Director, Mark Warmington explains: "We didn’t see the need to radically change what is already a well recognised brand within our industry sector, just evolve it." And whilst many companies would probably run shy of implementing such a change given today’s economic climate, Whale Tankers’ philosophy is refreshingly different. "The decision to revisit and update our look has not been taken lightly and it certainly is not a reckless move. What is does is echo the level of investment that we have made in developing our product and service offering over the least 12 months, something we aim to continue doing moving forward. We view ourselves as being a dynamic, innovative and forward thinking manufacturer and this latest development reflects this,’ he adds.

At the centre of the new look is the use of powerful imagery of the king of the Whale species, the Killer Whale. Such imagery serves to support the lines of ‘natural selection’ and ‘change through evolution.’ Surprisingly used for the first time as a means of visually supporting the Whale brand that is now 40 years’ old, the concept has been developed by ArtNetworks and Wentworth Communications – the company’s incumbent design and PR consultants. In addition to using powerful imagery, the creative execution has seen a treatment applied to the familiar Whale logo, it now being encapsulated and defined within a water filled lozenge for added life and vibrancy.

In addition to initially featuring on the company’s revamped corporate folder and in support of its recently introduced new style bulletins, Whale Topics, Whale Tankers will be phasing the new look across its suite of product, service and parts literature, as well as within an above-the-line trade advertising campaign.

Concludes Mark Warmington: "The new look is powerful, bold, vibrant, eye catching and, above all, current. As such, we are confident that it will play an important part in supporting Whale Tankers’ next stage of development through evolution."

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