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Marco Waste Management System, makes sense of waste for Unilever food manufacturing

Profitability experts Marco are making it easier for food manufacturers to protect their profits through the introduction of the company’s waste management system. With 25 years experience in helping companies improve yield, productivity and profits, Marco understand the exacting demands placed on today’s food manufacturing industries, especially within the frozen and chilled, ready meals, hand-held snacking and bakery sectors. With spiralling raw material costs and increased pressures on margins and profitability, effective waste management within the dynamics of the food industry is a complex and challenging task. Getting it wrong can literally mean the difference between profit and loss.

The Marco system makes ‘sense of waste’ and is part of their overall factory efficiency and profitability solution, which is already benefiting the world’s leading brands at over 350 installations around the globe. Waste typically arises either from mismanaged inventory control or from the complexities of the process itself, both of which present quite different challenges.

Unlike the structured manufacturing procedures where ingredients are introduced in a controlled manner, waste can occur at any part and any time of the process chain. It is therefore essential to have a failsafe waste management system in place that is easy to use and which provides management with accurate real time data.

Marco have recently installed their waste management system for Unilever UK Ice Cream as part of an ongoing project to bring improved control, visibility and efficiency to key parts of the Gloucester factory. This has already seen the successful implementation of Marco’s factory efficiency and profitability system to control essential processes within the mix plant and bulk raw material intake areas. Ice cream manufacture is a typical high speed, highly automated manufacturing process, where the combination of complex product processes and high line speeds produces a small, but steady flow of waste material.

All non-reworkable process and packaging waste is now collected from the lines in a variety of containers or pallets and weighed at a central terminal. Information on ‘where’ and ‘when’ the waste has originated, together with ‘who’ has collected it is automatically recorded within the Marco system to provide clear and precise data on waste generation and trends. (Process waste data is segregated into finished and non-finished product waste for additional reporting and analysis.

Unilever Gloucester’s SAP Administrator Neil Drew is pleased with the implementation and as he concludes: "This is another important phase in our ongoing working partnership with Marco. We will now have valuable, accountable and reliable data on waste generation in real time. This information will allow us to examine trends and the pre-programmed 15 minute updates will give management the tools to enable rapid investigation should waste levels increase."

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