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Marigold industrial puts hand safety in the spotlight with the launch of indicator system

Providing workers and managers with a quick, simple and effective visual guide to ensure they have the right level of cut protection for the hazards encountered in the workplace is the focus of a new initiative launched by hand and arm protection specialists Marigold Industrial® Ltd.

The company has launched a 3 colour coded indicator ‘dot’ on the back of its highly acclaimed Puretough P Series with each colour signifying a level of cut protection – Green (Cut level 1-2), Amber (Cut level 3-4), Red (Cut level 5).

The new Indicator System enables the user to know instantly what level of cut protection is being provided by the gloves and ensure that it is the right level to protect against the hazards being encountered.

The Indicator System uses a 3 colour coded system that relates to the level of protection provided by the glove.

Colour code 1 – Green (Safe)
Gloves with a large green ‘dot’ on the back of the hand have lower protection (cut level 1 – 2) and should therefore be used in work areas of minimal cut hazard, e.g. general handling.

Colour Code 2 – Amber (Caution)
Gloves with a large amber ‘dot’ have mid-level protection (cut level 3 – 4) and should therefore be used in work areas where a medium cut hazard is present, e.g. sharp component handling.

Colour Code 3 – Red (Danger)
Gloves with a red ‘dot’ have the highest level of protection (cut level 5) and should therefore be used in work areas where a high risk of cut injury is present, e.g. glass & sheet metal handling.

Having already broken new ground with its environmental and user safety elements – non-solvent and water-based in addition to being Formaldehyde, Silicone, Phthalate (plasticizer), Azo Dye and DMF free – the Puretough P Series is ideally suited for general handling & cut protective requirements in the engineering, construction, electronics and automotive industries, where grip and flexibility are particularly important.

A knitted 3 glove range, manufactured at Marigold Industrial’s® high-tech plant in Portugal – the P1100, P3000 and P5000 – form the new Puretough™ P Series combining comfort, flexibility and grip, in addition to offering mechanical protection, in particular cut level 5 for P5000, and cut level 3 from the P3000.

"The Indicator Syste was developed following a series of consultations with customers as part of our glove development programme, the feedback of which highlighted that a colour indicator system on the glove itself would help both workers and managers quickly identify the right type of glove for the hazard level being encountered," said Marigold Industrial® Ltd International Marketing Manager Donald Gillespie.

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