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Martrans unveils new design for walking floor trailer

At this year’s Tip Ex, trailer manufacturer Martrans is unveiling the first of a new design of walking floor trailer ideally suited for the discharging of loose loads such as sand and gravel or alternatively for high temperature applications, including tarmac and asphalt.

As part of the progressive Paneltex group of companies, Martrans has developed this new 11m walking floor trailer that eliminates the need for a tipping trailer yet it can carry up to 27t payload, a significant increase in comparison with the payload of a typical eight wheel rigid tipper truck. The trailer can be used for discharging directly onto the ground or, if required, the rear of the trailer has been constructed to enable it to be used on road pavers, without the risk of any damage to the lighting rear under run or spray suppression parts of the chassis.

According to Chris Berridge, managing director, Paneltex, "This new design of walking floor trailer gives operators a much wider choice of load applications, its payload is superbly impressive, and it can also operate in a far wider number of potential working locations. Specifically, the trailer is ideal for confined, reduced height access locations such as tunnels, where traditional tipping trailers are unable work. The trailer’s ability to carry high temperature and ambient loads also makes it perfect to handle contrasting back loads."

The 11m Martrans trailer chassis has been fitted with an Aliweld double skinned body that uses a hydraulic rear door and a double skinned hydraulic sheeting system, which typically can keep loads like asphalt at the correct temperature for up to 6 hours.

Within the trailer, a Keith Walking Floor V Floor unloading system is fitted and this is constructed of formed steel, specially designed to handle maximum duty loads including high temperature products. The ridges of the unique 9 "V"-shaped floor slats absorb load impact and abrasion, and the system has low power requirements, is low in maintenance costs and easy to operate on site.

"This year’s exhibition will give customers a first-time opportunity to see our new walking floor trailer, which will be available for demonstration use immediately after the exhibition.

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