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MasterCheck app improves forklift safety practices

MasterCheck app improves forklift safety practices by automating the outdated paper driven forklift inspection process

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Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in the USA and Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) in Canada are clear; a before-shift forklift inspection must be completed by the operator to ensure the safe operation of the machinery. Up until now, this process has been mostly done by outdated carbon copy paper check-lists – but not anymore.

The newly released MasterCheck app is designed to automate the process of the required forklift inspection checks every shift, and to provide the supervisor with important operational insights. Operators can now complete the forklift inspection checks quickly and virtually on their mobile device or tablet and simply click “send” to have the record of that inspection sent to their supervisor. The forklift inspection is saved in the cloud, and on the device for the operators own records. Once the inspection is sent, the supervisor can receive a notification that all inspections are complete. Quick, simple and efficient.

In addition, operators can complete and send Repair Reports, Accident Reports and Near Miss Reports. Once filled out, the operator can even take a photo, and have it included in the report that is sent to the supervisor. No more looking for lost paper reports – everything isProgram on devices automated!

App creator, Gary Wilson expects that the MasterCheck app will be an occupational health and safety game changer:

“The app makes the process so much easier for both the operator and the supervisor, that we expect a much higher level of compliance to this very important law. And, with the cost of $19.99USD per year versus as much as $120.00USD per year with traditional paper booklets, the decision is an easy one.”

MasterCheck is currently being used by companies throughout Canada, the USA and around the world.

“We use the app for thirty forklift trucks in our locations throughout North Carolina and Texas, and it’s saving us a tremendous amount of time and paperwork,” said Glen Wegel, VP Operations, Kitchen Cabinet Distributors.

The MasterCheck app is now available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

For more information on the MasterCheck app, please visit www.mastercheckapp.com or contact Gary Wilson via email at: gary@mastercheckapp.com

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