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MasterCheck App Making Every Day National Forklift Safety Day

MasterCheck Forklift Inspection App Version 2.0 released on National Forklift Safety Day in UK

MasterCheck app creators chose to release the updated 2.0 version of the app on the occasion of the annual National Forklift Safety Day this past June 9th in the UK and North America. The updated release includes additional features aimed at improving workplace safety and making every day a safer day in a forklift environment.

The most common requirement of occupational health and safety entities throughout the world is the pre-shift forklift inspection; and for good reason. Pre-shift inspections are designed to be a proactive precaution to identify possible hazardous issues with forklifts and lower the risk of a forklift related injury or fatality.

MasterCheck forklift inspection app creator Gary Wilson chose this day to launch specifically stating: “National Forklift Safety Day is a day of awareness and a reminder of best practices. When those involved in keeping the workplace safe are aware of the hazards, the best practices, and most importantly have the tools to be proactive about forklift safety, the benefits are substantial. We believe the added tools in the 2.0 version will contribute to making everyone safer.”

In version 2.0, while operators continue to use the app to save time by completing digital inspections and reports, supervisors can now manage multiple locations and view operator and forklift performance analytics for the entire company or filtered by location in the web-based Supervisor Dashboard. These important performance analytics point to areas of improvement for operators and safer performance of the company’s forklifts. Customizable forms can be created, and customizable notifications can be sent for any type of occurrence or due date such as an operator’s license renewal date, or a planned maintenance service due based on actual operating hours.

“Supervisors at our various locations are excited about the new features in version 2.0 of the MasterCheck app, especially the added analytics and customizable notifications. These improvements will help us continue to be a very safe operation for our valued employees” said Glen Wegel, VP Operations, Kitchen Cabinet Distributors.

For more details about the MasterCheck forklift inspection app with Supervisor Dashboard or to try a free trial, visit www.mastercheckapp.com

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