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Masterclasses on sustainable business improvement

Sustainable business improvement is the aim of a series of Masterclasses at Manchester's Manufacturing Institute (www.manufacturinginstitute.co.uk) , beginning July 2008. Combining case studies from manufacturers who've been there and are prepared to share their story, with expert know how of manufacturing excellence, the seminars will provide delegates with proven solutions they can apply to their business.

The events are:

July 17 2008: Lean Enterprise Masterclass. Lean transformation boosts performance and productivity, but this Masterclass also shows that companies must fundamentally redesign their business to deliver what customers want, when they want it. Senior managers from Nissan, United Biscuits, Ultraframe and Cannon Hygiene will be presenting at the event.

18 September 2008: Leadership & Culture for Lean Masterclass. Lean must be employee-driven rather than management-driven. This class will explain the critical success factors for lean transformation, common reasons for failure and the importance of leadership in the process. Delegates will learn how to build a culture that supports operational excellence, and gain an understanding of the role of HR.

27 November 2008: Energy & Environment Masterclass. Growing customer expectations and increasing legislation mean businesses cannot afford to ignore green issues. But 'going green' can lead to operational savings and improvements in productivity – and give a business competitive advantage.

5 February 2009: Supply Chain Excellence Masterclass. Improved flow and higher productivity mean nothing if raw materials are not delivered on time or quality problems lead to rework or lost customers. Experts show how to create a strategic supply chain vision to drive the businesses forward.

For further information phone 0800 458 9585 or email events@manufacturinginstitute.co.uk

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