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Material handling CSi present new robot cell for mixed palletising

Efficient distribution networks rely on the ability of production or picking processes to optimise the number of products loaded onto pallets, dollies or in roll cages. However, this can be extremely challenging when there is a range of products having different sizes, all being palletised on the same pallet. These pallets are normally hand-stacked by operators working from pick lists and, due to the inaccuracy of stacking and inadequate planning, pallets tend to be under utilised and the stacking inaccurate.

Utilising state of the art robotic techniques and specially written software, CSi, with its Head Office in Raamsdonksveer, Netherlands, has created one of the most advanced picking and palletising systems in Europe. Palletising patterns are created by analysing customer orders and the individual product dimensions and weights, therefore maximising the volume of products on each pallet whilst ensuring pallet stability. One of Germany’s leading building supply companies is now benefiting from CSi’s ‘chaotic’ palletising systems installed during 2009 and will shortly extend this system, due to the great success of the first phase of this project which involved extensive sequencing conveyors and two ABB spherical robots.

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