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Material handling equipment manufacturer Logitrans focus on ergonomic working conditions

There is no doubt that working in a postal office means many heavy and awkward lifts during the working day and that it is necessary with a special focus on the working conditions of the postal employees, if they should have a good working day. To many postal employees, an ordinary working day implies handling and transport of both parcels and letters – heavy as well as large.

From postal websites worldwide it appears very clearly that they all have politics concerning working conditions of their employees. On the website of the Danish Postal Services, PostDanmark, they state that they "want to reduce physical strain due to work" and that "a conscious and visible focus continuously takes place in the whole company to prevent work injuries".

To the Danish company, Logitrans A/S, manufacturer of material handling equipment, it is very clear that Postal services worldwide focus on ergonomic working conditions more than ever. The Postal services have discovered the opportunities of the Logitrans products and Logitrans experiences an increasing worldwide demand for products and customer-adapted solutions for the Postal services.

"We experience the focus on the handling and transport of parcels and letters very clearly – on equipment being a help when organising the work in the most suitable way to avoid waste time and awkward working situations", says Anthony Dollimore, Managing Director at Logitrans UK Ltd.

"In cooperation with the Swedish Postal Services, Posten AB, we have developed a Rotator, especially adapted to cages containing letters, small packages and bags. The cages are heavy, and the Rotator lifts them up and empties them on to the sorting line", says Anthony Dollimore. "Posten AB talks very enthusiastically about our Rotator – it is lifting their performance!".

Safety manager Anders Bergström at Posten AB agrees: "We have always had focus on the good working environment at Posten AB, especially on the safety and ergonomics of our employees and the strain in their daily work. With the Rotator from Logitrans it is possible for us to improve and simplify the emptying of our letter boxes to the sorting line. And at the same time, the back, joints and legs of our employees are protected. Thanks to the Rotator, our working environment is improved – and our efficiency has increased!"

"Some years ago the safety organisation of the American postal services gave our Logiflex stacker top score on all important areas – it protects the back and shoulders of the user and ensures a good working height. At the same time it is light and very manoeuvrable. The safety people were very enthusiastic about our Logiflex", Anthony Dollimore says.

Logitrans, manufacturing pallet trucks, highlifters, stackers and many products for special application situations, is well-known in the material handling industry. Since the foundation in 1940, the company has manufactured products, which in one way or another have improved the working conditions in the companies. The beginning of the 80’s Logitrans realised that the future companies would focus on ergonomics and optimum organisation of the work place. During the 80’s Logitrans received several international awards for ergonomic product solutions. When developing new products today, Logitrans always focuses on making work easier for the users, reducing work injuries and in this way increase efficiency and turnover at the customers.

"All our products are designed to make material handling as efficient as possible and guarantee our users ergonomically correct working positions. We are very happy that we can give the postal employees better working conditions", Anthony Dollimore ends the interview.

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