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Materials handling brand Hyster announces new Fortens to reduce forklift fuel bills

Hyster Europe is now shipping the 2.0-5.5 tonne capacity Fortens forklifts (with DuraMatch transmission) with the new ECO-eLo "fuel efficiency" mode engaged, making it one of the most fuel efficient IC forklifts available on the market. Hyster energy saving technologies such as load sensing hydraulics help achieve substantial fuel savings of up to 20% and raise environmental performance.

Materials handling brand Hyster has announced that the H2.0-3.5FT and H4.0-5.5FT Fortens series’ has been enhanced with ‘best in class’ fuel efficient technology. The Intelligent Design follows years of development and places Hyster at the front of competitive tests for both productivity and fuel consumption in the internal combustion (IC) forklift market "The extensive Hyster testing programme suggests that the tough new Fortens is the most fuel efficient truck on the market for both diesel and LPG, with hybrids being the only exception" says Peter Madoc-Jones, product marketing manager, explaining that the Hyster test cycle is significantly more demanding than the VDI* cycles, for which they were also tested.

"Uncertain fuel prices have led many forklift buyers to place fuel efficiency at the top of their list of importance. With the new Hyster Fortens, businesses will benefit with reduced fuel bills and productivity higher than competitor models" he continues. "We have combined fuel efficiency with tough and reliable operation and lowered the total cost of operation even further."

Hyster has achieved the fuel savings in several ways including the introduction of an ECO-eLo setting which reduces the engine governed speed by 20%. A second setting, HiP, is also available for those businesses that require maximum performance, which cannot be switched by the driver in the cab, ensuring managers are in control of the fuel costs at all times. "It is like having two trucks in one," Peter says.

A "Load sensing hydraulics" system is available on all 2.0-5.5t Fortens models which feature the mini-lever option. The Variable Displacement Pump (VDP) technology reduces the demand of the hydraulic systems on the engine and only delivers hydraulic flow when any of the hydraulic functions are activated – such as lifting, tilting or if the truck is equipped with a sideshift or an attachment such as a clamp or rotator. The hydraulic function is an "on-demand" system, which significantly reduces fuel consumption.

Hyster has also reduced the weight of the 2.0-2.5t truck by 170kg without affecting residual capacity, through changes such as a new aluminium transmission and small adjustments to the frame construction. The robust features of the Fortens have however been retained, including the steel hoods and the renowned build-quality to ensure strength and durability in demanding operations.

"Further fuel savings can also be achieved by selecting low rolling resistance tyres and changing the way that operators drive," Mr. Madoc-Jones says.

The Fortens is available with an electronic powershift transmission or the patented DuraMatch transmission, which is electronically controlled using an on-board electronic control unit, known as the "Pacesetter Vehicle System Manager" (VSM). In addition to the transmission, the VSM controls all truck hydraulic and electronic functions and simplifies some operator functions. It also sets parameters such as travel speed and acceleration, which can also help to save fuel and reduce cost.

With the DuraMatch transmission, truck speed will automatically reduce when the accelerator pedal is released without using the footbrake, helping to increase driver productivity, minimise brake pedal use, protects the powertrain, and significantly reduce brake and tyre wear. This is the Auto Deceleration System or ADS, allowing the most aggressive direction changes to be made smoothly without wheel spin.

To optimise driver comfort, the new FLM 80 full-suspension seat, together with the isolated powertrain have contributed to achieving a low whole body vibration (WBV) of 0.6ms2 and operator ear noise levels are low, for example measuring 79dB(A) for both diesel and LPG 2.5t models. With outstanding serviceability and low maintenance components such as oil immersed brakes, the Hyster Fortens is one of the most reliable trucks on the market delivering low cost of operation for the most demanding operations.

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