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Materials Handling Firm Midland Pallet Trucks Champions Moving Skates Range

Materials handling firm Midland Pallet Trucks champions moving skates range

Midland Pallet Trucks, which holds one of the largest collections of high quality moving skates available to UK customers, is championing its extensive range of the warehouse staple to increase awareness of its unique advantages. As demand for moving skates continues to grow, Midland Pallet Trucks has announced a commitment to promoting the benefits of the equipment across a variety of industries in a bid to improve workplace productivity and safety in Britain.

Moving skates ensure the safe and secure movement and transport of heavy loads, traditionally within warehousing, manufacturing and logistics environments. The skates, which often come in sets of 2 or 4, can be strategically positioned to move pallets, machinery, and other heavy load items. While there are many different types of moving skate available, they typically come with durable nylon, polyurethane, or steel wheels to suit various loads and workplace conditions, and are operated through a simple, manual push/pull system to offer complete control over direction.

“While we know that our customers couldn’t live without moving skates, we feel that many industries simply don’t think to look at equipment such as this as a problem solver” says Midland Pallet Trucks Managing Director Phil Chesworth. “We believe that skates are somewhat of the unsung heroes of the warehouse as they’re frequently overlooked and yet offer a range of benefits that could bring tremendous value.

“Our aim is to continue expanding and promoting our vast range of moving skates, which is already one of the largest ranges in the UK, to ensure we’re always able to provide both new and existing customers with the quality equipment they need to operate safely within the workplace… whatever type of workplace that may be!”

Midland Pallet Trucks currently stocks a number of different types of moving skate, including fixed skates, turntable-style skates and steerable skates. These come in a variety of sizes, and with a load capacity of up to 60 tons. Much of the equipment is important from Europe directly from the manufacturer, ensuring that all skates and complete skate sets are of the highest quality and bring true value to many sectors.

Midland Pallet Trucks hopes that in championing its line of moving skates, businesses in many industries will see that there are many benefits to this sort of equipment. While moving skates are typically associated with heavy loads, they can also be used to move lighter loads contained within confined spaces where traditional forklifts would struggle due to restrictions stemming from reduced turning circles. Similarly, limited load trolley jacks could easily be replaced with higher capacity moving skates.

In addition to moving skates, Midland Pallet Trucks is also a leading supplier of a wide range of other equipment, including hand pallet trucks and lift platforms.

To find out more about Midland Pallet Trucks’ extensive range of moving skates, visit https://www.midlandpallettrucks.com/product-category/skates/

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