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Matrix Steam Cleaning machines accepted onto Government ECA Water Technologies list

Matrix Cleaning Systems, the UK’s only manufacturer of a range of commercial
steam cleaning machines has just announced that the company’s entire range of
steam cleaning machines has been accepted onto the Governments Enhanced Capital
Allowance (ECA) Water Scheme and the machines now all appear on the official
Water Technology List (WTL).

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) water scheme encourages businesses to
invest in technologies that save water and improve water quality. The scheme
enables a business to claim 100 per cent first-year allowances, i.e. tax relief,
on investments in certain technologies and products. Claiming an Enhanced
Capital Allowance (ECA) means that a business can "write off" (deduct) the
entire cost of purchasing a qualifying water-efficient technology against the
taxable profits in the year the company made the purchase.

Claiming ECAs for buying water efficient equipment will enable a business to
reduce investment costs and its environmental impact. Benefits include the first
year tax relief. This will reduce the time it takes to pay back the investment.
Ongoing benefits of the scheme are that water bills will also be reduced long-
term by installing or using water-saving equipment such as steam cleaners.

Matrix believes that the tax breaks alone will reduce the cost of all their
machines to the end user by 28% which for a standard Matrix SO4500 steam
cleaning machine, the cost will be a little over £570 plus VAT which is a huge
saving to any business in tough economic times and significantly below the cost
of any other similar rated machine on the market.

The acceptance of the Matrix Steam Cleaners on to The Enhanced Capital Allowance
(ECA) water scheme comes only 3 months after the company launched its ground
breaking low cost Quattro Range of steam cleaners which were introduced to
satisfy the growing key accounts market with a product range significantly below
the cost of steam cleaning machines from other manufacturers. The combination of
these two events has now created a situation where customers can purchase a
brand new commercial steam cleaning machine at well below half the price of a
year ago.

Bob Pownall Managing Director Matrix said "we are always looking at new ways to
add extra value for our customers and reduce their business costs. Steam
Cleaners are very efficient anyway both in the amount of water they use and the
time saved carrying out commercial cleaning tasks, but this scheme is excellent
because customers can save money without any reduction in product specification,
I suppose it’s a bit like a scrappage scheme enabling old machines to be
replaced for efficient new ones"

Established nearly a decade ago, Matrix is now recognised as the UK’s leading
steam cleaning machine manufacturer with an extensive portfolio of high quality
light commercial to industrial 4 bar and 8 bar cleaning systems.

Matrix has its head office based in Lancashire and has a network of over 100
carefully selected trade dealers, who are able to provide a full nationwide
distribution service for their steam clean machines supported by a thorough
maintenance service and extensive availability of spare parts.

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