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Maxoptra Launches Delivery Planning Low Emission Zone Solution

Maxoptra launches delivery planning Low Emission Zone solution

New territory management functionality within Maxoptra routing and scheduling software is helping fleet managers comply with changing air pollution regulations and prevention schemes.

With a growing number of Low Emissions Zones, as well as schemes for Clean Air Charging and even a Zero Emission Zone, operators of more polluting vehicles, which often includes delivery or service trucks, can face the difficult task of juggling complex schedules with ‘no-go’ areas.

Maxoptra’s territory functionality allows planners to automatically apply conditions for access to defined geographical areas within the auto-planning process. These limits can be set for specific vehicles, drivers, times and even customer locations allowing operators to control which vehicles enter the zone and when.

“The UK government has pledged to be the ‘first generation to leave the environment in a better state than when we inherited’ and a key component of this is tackling the growing issue of air pollution,” commented Stuart Brunger, Business Development Director at Maxoptra.

“Maxoptra’s territory tools give fleet managers the power to do their bit by limiting the use of potentially harmful vehicles from sensitive areas,” Brunger continued. “It’s easy to implement, easy to use and as well as helping to save the planet it will also contribute to improved efficiencies and cost savings.”

Low Emission Zones (LEZs) are schemes that cover specific areas, usually in cities, and are designed to tackle pollution by discouraging certain types of vehicles from entering the specified zone. LEZs do not actually prohibit higher-emission vehicles from the zone, instead they encourage the use of cleaner vehicles by levying a daily charge.

The London Low Emission is the UK’s largest and most comprehensive affecting all vehicles while other zones, currently restricted to local buses, are in place in Brighton, Norwich, Nottingham and Oxford.

Clean Air Zones (CAZs) are part of the government’s Air Quality Plan and can be charging or non-charging. Operated by Local Authorities, charging schemes are similar to LEZs while non-charging schemes include measures such as retrofitting certain vehicles, traffic flow management and rerouting. CAZs currently operate in Birmingham, Derby, Leeds and Southampton.

A cloud-based SaaS delivery management and optimisation platform, Maxoptra is already the ‘greener’ choice offering sales, support and upgrades via the Internet rather than traditional on-site visits. To further enforce its green credentials Maxoptra has achieved a number of accolades including Fleet Supplier Fleet Hero Award from the Energy Saving Trust.

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