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Mediaform and TSC auto ID technology sign a cooperation agreement

Mediaform Informationssysteme GmbH became a new direct partner of TSC Auto ID Technology EMEA GmbH on 14 July 2011. With immediate effect, Mediaform, a leading supplier of barcode-supported identification and data recording solutions for the healthcare market, will be expanding its range to include the high-performance desktop and industrial printers of TSC Auto ID, one of the fastest growing manufacturers of direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers in the world.
"We are pleased to have acquired such a strong partner in the healthcare industry as Mediaform. This is a market which will also be of central interest in the future," commented Thomas Rosenhammer, Sales Manager D-A-CH, at the European branch of TSC Auto ID in Zorneding, Bavaria. "This cooperation will provide benefits for customers and for the market as a whole."

Mediaform Druckprodukte GmbH, the heart of the corporate group, has been supplying the larger part of German hospitals and laboratories with solutions for technically complex forms and labels for more than 20 years. It also counts around 30,000 general practitioners as direct or indirect customers. Over 200 million forms and 350 million labels are produced every year at the production facilities in Reinbek near Hamburg and Stuhr near Bremen.
Mediaform Informationssysteme GmbH was founded in 1997 to develop software and hardware solutions for medical institutions and to optimise form recording and data archiving over all of Europe. In a similar way to TSC Auto ID, the Mediaform Security Solutions division manufactures and markets patient identification systems together with marking and labelling solutions to provide increased patient safety in the day-to-day work of German clinics through intelligent print solutions. The "Barcode Solutions" Division looks after the integration and marketing of printing solutions and high-quality consumables.

TSC Auto ID, like Mediaform, has also been established on the market for 20 years and is one of the top 10 manufacturers of Auto ID solutions worldwide. The company has in-depth experience in the development and manufacture of thermal transfer printers and direct thermal printers frequently used in the healthcare sector. "Our broad range of products, tailored to the needs of the market, perfectly complements Mediaform’s portfolio. Our new partner will now be able to offers its clients high-performance units which are extremely rugged at attractive prices and which harmonise to perfection with their own products and services." Rosenhammer continued, "Particularly in times of severe cut-backs and a need for increased efficiency in the medical field, this may well be a decisive factor."

Mediaform intends to focus on sales of the space-saving two-inch printers from TSC’s TTP-225 and TDP-225 series in the healthcare sector. It will additionally be marketing the desktop models from the TTP-245C and TDP-247 series as well as the industrial printers TTP-2410M and TTP-268M developed for the most demanding identification requirements. Rosenhammer added, "You can print labels at an incredibly low cost with our easy-to-operate direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers."

By using fully integrated printers, scanners and the most suitable labels for the specific application, it is possible to cut costs, to reduce the strain on stressed workers and to speed up routines while still maintaining patient security. Patients can be clearly identified at all times by their safety wristbands so that it is practically impossible to confuse one patient for another. Barcode labels on specimens, blood pouches and medicines ensure that the right product is read without error and that it is dispensed in the right amount at the right time. Patient safety is at the heart of the endeavours of both companies – TSC Auto ID and Mediaform – and forms the foundation for their future work together.

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