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MG Fleet LiveTrack vehicle tracking system catches van thieves red handed

After months of tailing local car thieves, West Yorkshire Police managed to track down the criminal gang after being alerted about a missing vehicle that was snatched whilst the driver went indoors for warm water to de-ice his van.

The van, which was part of a fleet of 8 vehicles, was fitted with MG Fleet’s LiveTrack system which is used by businesses across the country to track their vehicle fleets. The driver of the Vauxhall Vivaro van called MG Fleet just after 7.00 in the morning when he noticed the vehicle had gone missing from his drive in Shawcross, Dewsbury. The team were then able to alert the police to exactly where the van was moving to minute by minute.

David Furness of mobile cosmetic vehicle repairs, Direct Finish Ltd, owners of the van, says ‘I was already pleased with the money and time saving benefits LiveTrack from MG Fleet Road Angel delivers to the business. With 8 vehicles on the road, it’s important to know where they all are at any one time. It proved invaluable in this case – the van was retrieved within an hour!’

The stolen vehicle was tracked by the company’s traffic handler, who ‘talked in’ the police officers in their patrol car, tracking the Vauxhall in a real-time on-line environment. MG Fleet’s LiveTrack Road Angel product automatically updates every 60 seconds, and gives an accurate vehicle location. Used by all types of businesses with any number of vehicles, the system allows transport operators to cut costs on fuel and staffing time, making significant savings over a year.

Three people were arrested when the car was apprehended. In a further twist, the tracking system led the police to the home of a suspected criminal, allowing the police to take control of a cache of stolen goods. Of those arrested, one has since been returned to Armley jail, having been released just three weeks previously.

David commented – ‘This was just the incentive I needed to have the other cars within the business installed with MG Fleet’s LiveTrack facility – I had them fitted immediately, although I’ll also be instructing all our drivers to follow the advice of the West Yorkshire Police which includes ensuring that you don’t leave a vehicle unattended, even on your own property, with the keys in the ignition – however cold the temperature!’

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