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MGB Plastics launches new ‘advanced’ 180L wheelie bin

The UK’s leading manufacturer of wheeled bins has today launched a new product to help local authorities and households tackle Britain’s waste management and recycling issues.

MGB Plastics has unveiled a newly designed 180L wheelie bin following demand from local councils, and as part of it continued investment in the business. It is the fourth new product launch by the company in the last 12 months.

The new 180L has been developed to complement the 240L wheelie bin – widely believed to be the most advanced wheelie bin in the UK to date. It has already generated interest from local authorities across the UK keen to reduce their recycling targets.

The new 180L wheelie bin is more rounded, curvier and smooth in design than its predecessors to give the product more durability and strength. Its rounded corners and smooth finish mean they have easy to clean internal surfaces. It can be used for any waste products but more suited for residual waste.

Conor Sugrue, general manager at MGB Plastics, said the development of new products was part of its commitment to create innovative solutions for waste recycling.

He said: "We are delighted to launch our latest bin product which we believe has significant potential going forward. This product will also provide a platform to grow our future business.

"Local authorities are expressing a need for a variety of products and in particular our research has shown that local councils are looking for a mid-sized bin. The new 180L addresses this need as either a stand-alone or as an integrated solution with other waste management products such as 240L bin, kitchen caddies or kerbside caddies.

"It can be used for all waste but is more suited to residual waste but the good thing is that gives local authorities options in this field. We have already received firm inquiries about it and firmly believe it will be a very successful product for MGB Plastics.

"By investing time and resources in developing new products such as the new 180L we are helping local authorities to reach their recycling targets and this is part of our business strategy going forward."

Earlier this year, MGB Plastics, based in Rotherham, developed a new inner caddy which will sit inside wheeled bins and encourage homeowners to recycle their waste by separating glass, cardboard, plastics and cans.

The inner caddy, which comes in 40 and 55 litres, has been designed with a smooth finish and rounded edges to make it easy to clean.

The launch of the inner caddy comes just months after MGB Plastics created the most advanced wheelie bin in the UK to date alongside new innovatively designed kitchen caddies.

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