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Microlise launches SofTrac

Microlise announces the release of SofTrac Mobile Data Terminal Automatic Vehicle Location as a standard module within the Microlise Fleet & Distribution portfolio of solutions for goods in transit and the assets used to transport them. The development allows clients who already use Mobile Data Terminals for proof of delivery / collection or mobile workforce task management to maximise the use of this asset to gain real-time tracking of their fleet at little additional expense and without the need to hard wire a separate vehicle tracking device.

SofTrac is an application which runs as a background process on the MDT to provide continuous positional data of the vehicle's location. This data is sent back to the host Transport Management Centre (TMC) software in real time over the existing GPRS communications. The only additional hardware required is a low cost Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver which connects to the MDT via Bluetooth or a serial cable.
The addition of vehicle tracking increases the benefits of any mobile workforce solution :-
• Monitors real-time adherence to schedule and allows customer pre-advice of imminent delivery / arrival
• Allows updates to ETA's and collects actual mileages for journey and between deliveries or tasks
• Allows increased driver and vehicle security with warning of unplanned deviation from route
• Captures actual arrival and departure times from delivery / collection locations
• Captures excessive turnaround or dwell time at customer locations and depots
• Allows calculation of soft telematics to monitor driver speed, harsh acceleration, harsh braking and unscheduled vehicle activity to monitor driving style and improve fuel efficiency

SofTrac can also be combined with last mile satellite navigation, also running as a background application on the MDT. This provides the driver with a visual map and voice commands to direct him to the next customer location.
SofTrac is ideal for clients who require tracking of their delivery or service fleet as well as proof of delivery or task management but do not require the full functionality of a hard wired In-vehicle computer (IVC) linked to the MDT

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