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Microlise to offer breakthrough

The Intelligent Transport Strategy solves the challenges of delivering business benefit in the mobile logistics marketplace. Key to the realisation of this strategy are real-time track and trace, the use of RFID auto ID technology for non-invasive data collection and the delivery of data using persistent message queuing. Microlise have partnered with Intermec Technologies to provide the UHF RFID technology and using IBM WebSphere® Business Integration (WBI), MQ Telemetry Transport (MQtt) persistent message queuing, Microlise can provide real-time track and trace technology as well as the systems integration expertise needed to implement a complete solution.

The Intelligent Transport Strategy automates routing, delivery and fleet scheduling to maximise driver and vehicle utilisation for reduced costs and improved customer service whilst providing complete visibility of inventory and workflow throughout the supply chain. Microlise Fleet & Distribution provides real-time visibility of the goods for delivery and the assets used to transport them (drivers and vehicles) using GPS positioning technology. Intermec UHF RFID readers and tags are incorporated into the Microlise RFID Trailer Portal solution which RFID-enables the loading door area of the delivery vehicle, to automatically monitor goods entering or leaving the vehicle and transmit these transactions to the host Transport Management Centre software, ERP or MRP systems using IBM WebSphere® MQtt persistent message queuing.

The Microlise Trailer Portal solution transforms the vehicle into a mobile logistics centre with RFID enabled data collection of all deliveries or collections from any location. The embedded IBM WebSphere® Business Integration (WBI) message broker uses IBM MQtt, which is a lightweight TCP/IP-based publish/subscribe protocol, to download route and manifest data and deliver transaction data in real-time to all subscribed parties using WiFi or GPRS telecommunications.

Doug Clark, UK Sensors and Actuators leader at IBM, stated: “Our research showed that despite big improvements in manufacturing, storage and warehousing there was still a lot of room for improvement in cost and efficiency within the transport and mobile logistics area of the supply chain, hence we developed the IBM Intelligent Transport Strategy. Microlise will ensure we can deliver and easily integrate this strategy within the business systems of our clients.”

Bob Harbey, Business Development Director of Microlise, commented: “We are confident that the Microlise RFID Trailer Portal is the killer application that will drive RFID into mainstream adoption within the logistics industry. Our existing Fleet & Distribution suite coupled with RFID technology from Intermec and IBM WebSphere® MQtt provides a compelling business case that is truly scaleable from the smallest fleet to the largest enterprise.”

For Intermec Technologies, Peter Howes, Channel Director EMEA, added: “RFID is now a maturing technology with ratified standards and continuously improving technical and price performance. With the Intelligent Transport Strategy customers can be confident their investment in RFID will be future proofed, fully scaleable and deliver immediate return on investment.”

About IBM
IBM is the world's largest information technology company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. Drawing on resources from across IBM and key Business Partners, IBM offers a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that enable customers, large and small, to take full advantage of the new era of e-business.

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About Microlise
Microlise is a privately owned, UK-based company, established in 1982. Microlise develops and integrates technology solutions for the logistics and physical supply chain industries using key software, hardware, communication and auto identification technologies developed in-house and from market leading suppliers. Microlise solutions include ; Opus WMS – sophisticated warehouse management and automation control software, Microlise Fleet & Distribution – for managing goods in transit and the assets used to transport them, Microlise RFID Systems – Integration of RFID technology within supply chain and logistics applications, Opus Voice – Hands-free, eyes-free voice activated technology for all stock transactions and movements within the warehouse

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About Intermec Technologies

Intermec Technologies Corp. is perhaps best known as the inventor of the world's most widely used bar code symbology. Intermec today provides supply chain information products, services and systems to companies in hundreds of industries around the world. Intermec's extensive portfolio of UHF RFID intellectual property allows technology providers access to Intermec's current and future RFID innovations.

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