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Midland Pallet Truck encourage investment as UK is revealed as Fastest-Growing G7 economy

With the news that the UK will be the fastest-growing economy of all the G7 nations this year, the country’s leading supplier of pallet trucks and other lifting and handling aids has spoken out to encourage investment in better quality trucks. After numerous years where the most popular trucks where budget and economy models, Midland Pallet Trucks has indicated that the coast is clear for more investment in better models.

2014 will be the first time in six years that UK annual growth will be higher than both the United States and Germany, and growth for 2015 has been upgraded to 2.5%, as opposed to the original estimate of 2.2% in January. The excellent growth is causing business leaders to encourage more investment, more confidence and more boldness across all industries, whether it’s pharmaceuticals or automotive.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, "The UK economy looks stable for the first time in more than five years, and the future predictions are looking brighter than ever. In light of the new figures, we’re trying to encourage businesses to renew investment in their manual handling equipment, after half a decade of choosing economy and budget options."

He adds, "Our economy options here at Midland Pallet Trucks are incredibly high quality and they serve a fantastic purpose for many workplaces, but we’d like to speak out to reassure business owners and decision-makers that they no longer have to choose the cheapest option. The economy will continue to grow – the light that seemed to be at the end of the long tunnel has given way to daylight for many businesses, and austerity is no longer a necessity for all."

The DBD25 Hand Pallet Truck from Midland Pallet Trucks is a great investment item for businesses that may not have splashed out for such a model before. The high-quality, fully hydraulic pallet truck boasts a 2500kg capacity, a bullet connection between the steering shaft and the pump piston, as well as 540mm x 1000mm forks that are compatible with the vast majority of popular pallets. The truck is easy to manoeuvre and as with all products from Midland Pallet Trucks, its components are all of the highest standard. Robust, durable and hardwearing, and still at the lower end of the budget with a price tag of £236.25, this is one truck that will certainly provide a step up from economy.

Many businesses also spent the recession refusing to buy specialist trucks, instead sticking to the standard pallet trucks that would get the job done, even if it took a little longer. Now, with brighter prospects and a little more leeway with the budgets, businesses can invest in extra-long pallet trucks, traverse trucks, rough terrain trucks or a variety of other units that can make life a lot easier for all in the workplace.

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