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Midland Pallet Trucks add portable alternative to Weighing Scale Pallet Trucks to range

Midland Pallet Trucks has added a brand new piece of equipment to its range of materials handling equipment. The latest addition comes in the guise of a 5000kg capacity Salter heavy duty weigh beam.

Weigh beams are fully portable weighing scales which can be used to weigh a whole range of items, from pallets and hoppers to long lengths of pipe or cargo which is difficult to manoeuvre. The new Salter model is highly portable and provided pre-calibrated.

The process of weighing items and logging their statistics is a vital aspect of everyday working procedures. Loads which need to be transferred from delivery to distribution often need to be weighed before they can entire the system, and weighing items is vital for the workplaces which rely on heavy-duty shelving units. In some instances, the solution to this is the weighing scale pallet truck, but for situations where these aren’t appropriate, such as in areas with space restrictions, weigh beams are a great alternative, with many advantages and benefits of their own.

The new Salter beams are incredibly simple to set-up and are designed to be easy to use and to read. They boast a clear LCD display with digits on the display shown at 1-inch high, so they are highly visible and easy to see from an average distance. A mains rechargeable battery gives the beams and the display the power they need to function. Efficiency, speed and convenience are their primary functions, and with the beams set up and ready to start weighing within minutes of their installation they are incredibly efficient and time-saving. Their portability is useful for conditions where it is not practical to cart a weighing scale pallet truck around; the weigh beams take up little space and are easy to carry around and store when they are not in use.

The Salter beams are constructed from incredibly hardwearing and waterproof. The display indicator is stainless steel enclosed and IP65 rated and the weighing beams themselves made from mild steel. This combination makes them perfect for use within industrial environments such as factories or warehouses. They are also powder coated to protect from the corrosion and rust they may be exposed to within many workplaces. The beams are able to support up to 5000kg of weight whilst only weighing 16.5kg themselves, making it relatively easy for just one person to carry them around. Stability and security is created through four adjustable rubber feet on the underside of the beam, and the beams themselves can be adjusted in size to accommodate the load they are intended to weigh.

Two weigh beams are provided so wide items can also be weighed with ease, and they have built-in carry handles for ultimate ease of use. For businesses which need a lightweight and portable solution to static scales or pallet trucks, weigh beams are a practical and cost-effective choice.

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