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Midland Pallet Trucks announces addition of new ‘Easy Roller’ Trucks to existing range

Pallet truck experts, Midland Pallet Trucks, have once again cemented their status as the country’s leading supplier of manual handling equipment, with the addition of a two brand new trucks to their sizeable ranks. The two trucks, both easy roller pallet trucks, have been launched with the health and safety of the operator in mind, and are set to offer even more choice and variety for the businesses out there searching for their next manual handling solution.

The ERA25-A Easy Roller Pallet Truck and the ERA25-B Easy Roller Pallet Truck, which is a slightly wider model, are both new designs which incorporate a new foot lever to raise the truck once loaded. The traditional pump action of the handle is used to rotate the rear wheels of the truck and allow the operator total control over the equipment.

The simple operation uses just a small amount of pressure, meaning that the initial force exerted when moving a large load is overcome – making the process easier and more efficient for all involved. It can also be used to move heavy loads over small lips or door thresholds, offering greater mobility and accessibility throughout the workplace.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “We’re committed to sourcing the very best manual handling solutions for our customers, and we’re thrilled with the addition of the ERA25-A and ERA25-B Easy Roller Pallet Trucks. The trucks are built to reduce the pressure and the strain on operators, and have plenty of features that make them a dream to handle. The addition of the new models is all part of our on-going drive to ensure that our customers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a pallet truck – so they’re guaranteed to get the model that best suits the needs of their business.”

Both of the trucks have a capacity of 2500kg, making them suitable for a multitude of tasks across different workplaces. The across-fork dimensions of the ERA25-A model are 540mm x 1150mm – the ideal size for the commonly used Euro pallets. The ERA25-B model has slightly wider dimensions of 685mm x 1220mm, making it perfect for the businesses that make use of the GKN blue-type pallets, which are normally 120cm x 100cm.

Both trucks offer effortless travelling options, thanks to the easy oscillation movements of the tiller. An innovative brake function is also included, so that if the mechanical drive is engaged in one direction, the truck cannot travel in the other direction. This is an obvious advantage for workplaces that have shallow inclines, as there can be no rolling of the truck.

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