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Midland Pallet Trucks experts extol the virtues of handy portable weigh beams

As one of the leading providers of manual handling equipment and pallet trucks to businesses across the nation, Midland Pallet Trucks has a duty of care to ensure that businesses are up to date with the very best lifting and transportation solutions on the market. They are encouraging all businesses that regularly weigh items coming in and out of their workplace to invest in a weigh beam if their scales need replacing, for a portable and highly-effective method of tracking the weight of deliveries and packages.

Weigh beams are fully portable weighing scales, and their unique construction means they can be used to weigh a whole variety of items, be it conventional pallets or any awkwardly-shaped cargo. They are incredibly simple to calibrate, to use and to read, and they can help to dramatically speed up operations in any workplaces that requires weight to be recorded.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, "Weigh beams are an excellent addition to any workplace due to their versatile nature and their portability. They are cost-effective and easy to use, and they can make the process of recording the weights of any type of cargo much more efficient. We stock two models of high-quality Salter weigh beams at Midland Pallet Trucks, and we are urging all businesses to consider investing in at least one of these portable weighing solutions, to see what benefit it can offer them in their day-to-day operations."

The main purposes of weigh beams are convenience, efficiency and ease of use. The beams themselves are incredibly simple to set-up and use, and they have a clear LCD display with one inch-high digits that are highly visible and easy to read from an average distance away. They have mains-rechargeable batteries which can be pumped up to full power easily, and will last for many hours of use. The beams don’t need to be calibrated, they come in working condition straight out of the box.

Those that are using these beams in industrial settings will also be eager to ensure that they meet a certain criteria; these pieces of equipment must be hardwearing and durable for use in such tough settings. The two Salter beams available from Midland Pallet Trucks are robust, heavy-duty and long-lasting. They are powder-coated to protect from corrosion and rust, and they are able to support and accurately weigh up to 5000kg whilst still only weight 16.5kg themselves. They are stable and supported by adjustable rubber feet to ensure they won’t topple or move whilst they are fully loaded with heavy cargo, and the beams themselves can be adjusted to support awkwardly-shaped loads like pipes or non-rectangular boxes.

Each pack of weigh beams comes with two beams included, so wide items are a cinch to weigh and record. Carry handles mean the beams are fully portable, and make a great, cost-effective alternative to static scales or weighing scale pallet trucks.

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