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Midland Pallet Trucks highlights long-term benefits of high-quality equipment

One of the country’s leading providers of pallet trucks and lifting solutions has highlighted the long-term benefits of investing in high-quality equipment throughout a workplace. Midland Pallet Trucks is a premium supplier of manual handling equipment and is a strong advocate of choosing equipment that will offer long-term cost benefits as well as boosted productivity and the potential for bigger profits.

More time than ever is being spent by teams of engineers maintaining and repairing the lifting equipment that makes a workplace tick. Pallet trucks and other units are often crucial to the overall operation of a business, and it’s important that they spend more time out on the floor of the warehouse or distribution centre than they do in the repair room. By replacing this equipment with modern, high-quality alternatives, businesses free up their engineers to take care of other tasks and are endowed with a fleet of trucks that offer maximum performance for minimum attention.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, says, “Many businesses have ageing fleets of trucks, scissor lifts and aerial work platforms that still manage to fulfil their roles, but are beginning to become unreliable and costly to maintain. To these business, we’d strongly suggest that they invest in brand-new, high-quality equipment that is guaranteed to reduce downtime for each unit, as well as boosting reliability and minimising costs.”

He adds, “When it comes to replacing equipment with high-quality alternatives, there are no downsides. New hand pallet trucks and other pieces of manual handling equipment offer a multitude of benefits, from boosting productivity for staff members, to freeing up time for engineers to carry out their busy roster of other maintenance checks and repairs.”

Investing in high-quality trucks and units brings a multitude of benefits. Many of these trucks come with extensive guarantees and warranties that guarantee top performance for many years. The brand-new condition of the trucks also means that initially they will need much less maintenance than older models to keep them on top form. Having a workplace full of older trucks can mean the risk of a breakdown or a malfunctioning part at any time – newer trucks are much less likely to experience sudden problems that can cause operations to halt while the problem is resolved.

Midland Pallet Trucks is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of trucks and manual handling units, and it boasts a sizeable warehouse filled with quality products. With everything from manual stacker trucks to electric lift tables, the truck providers have everything a workplace could possibly need to boost productivity throughout the business.

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