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Midland Pallet Trucks urges energy-efficiency in 2016

Midland Pallet Trucks urges energy-efficiency in 2016

2016 will again be a year filled with energy-efficiency schemes and carbon reduction drives, and Midland Pallet Trucks are encouraging all businesses, large and small, to get on board with them and become more ‘green’ over the next 11 months.

For many workplaces, having ‘green’ credentials could involve anything from choosing low-energy light bulbs, switching to sustainably sourced food in the canteen or opting for recycled paper when it comes to office stationery. In manufacturing plants, factories and warehouses, one of the best ways in which businesses can reduce their emissions and cut energy bills is by investing in standard hard pallet trucks. These trucks rely solely on manpower, with no other fuels or energy consumed in order to use them. They are high-quality lifting and transport units that can actually reduce the carbon footprint of a workplace.

Phil Chesworth, Managing Director of Midland Pallet Trucks, which is a foremost supplier of manual handling equipment to a variety of sectors, says, “Energy-efficiency is high on the agenda for many businesses this year, not least because the government will still be focusing on encouraging more businesses to reduce carbon emissions and adopt eco-friendly practices in their workplace. With pallet trucks already playing a key role in many working environments across the country, it makes sense that this important apparatus would be integral in cutting carbon emissions in the types of workplace where these reductions are most needed, such as factories and warehouses. “

The unique construction of a pallet truck allows employees to move thousands of kilograms worth of cargo without having to rely on fuel-guzzling or electrically powered devices. They are one of the most energy-efficient forms of transport used in any workplace, and are an essential part of everyday operations for thousands of businesses.

Pallet trucks are also incredibly flexible; for businesses looking to really cut down on their carbon emissions this year, they can expand their fleet of trucks in order to ensure that there is an energy-efficient transportation solution for any type of load. Whether it’s traversing a rough outdoor delivery bay, a narrow aisle or simply carrying a larger capacity of goods, having a diverse array of pallet trucks with different specialities is a great way to reduce the energy consumed by the business as a whole.

The robust and hardwearing materials that go into constructing pallet trucks also ensure that the equipment will be functional for many years, often into the decades. This saves businesses a lot of money on replacing equipment, and even when a pallet truck needs to replaced, a lot of their parts can be salvaged and used as spares in the future. The longevity of pallet trucks help to boost their ‘green’ credentials, and the eco-friendly policies of the businesses that purchase them.

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