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Mini-tow tractor from Jungheinrich goes into series production

Presented by Jungheinrich as a prototype at CeMAT 2008, the EZS 010 mini-tow tractor is ready for series production. Produced at the Jungheinrich plant in Lüneburg near Hamburg, this truck is particularly well-suited to situations where loads need to be transported in tight spaces.

The new EZS 010 mini-tow tractor from Jungheinrich represents an economic and versatile truck which can tow a trailer weight of up to 1,000 kilogrammes. The tractor is available with numerous individual couplings and can thus be adapted to fit virtually any trailer type. The coupling itself is clearly visible from any position and easily accessible.

Effective support for manual jobs

"Our mini-tow tractor lets you effortlessly transport and manoeuvre an attached trailer," says Oliver Rosenthal, Product Manager for Tow Tractors at Jungheinrich. Loads can thus be easily moved in the narrowest of spaces. "With this Jungheinrich mini-tow tractor we are now able to provide our customers with an effective means of support for previously 100% manual activities," adds Rosenthal.

Instead of performing hard, exhausting manual work, customers can in future move their trailers ergonomically and at the same time economically. This opens up a number of different applications for the Jungheinrich EZS 010, for example in furniture stores, industrial enterprises, supermarkets or hospitals. As Rosenthal comments: "Our new mini-tow tractor can be used anywhere where small loads need to be moved short distances."

A compact 24 V drive motor under the EZS 010’s compact hood provides for the necessary performance. The latest generation of Jungheinrich AC technology guarantees powerful acceleration with a simultaneous high efficiency ratio. "This is especially possible due to the optimised coordination of drive motor and electronic control as well as the tractor’s regenerative braking," says Rosenthal.

Jungheinrich also took the issue of ergonomics into consideration at an early stage in its development of the mini-tow tractor. The tractor is well-laid out and easy to operate. Thanks to its rigidly mounted tiller, the EZS 010 can even be turned on the spot. The newly developed tiller head is ideally adapted to the operator’s own ergonomic needs. Clear colour coding and correspondingly shaped switches and buttons allow for intuitive operation of the mini-tow tractor. The contact-free sensor system is protected according to IP 65, guaranteeing extremely high system stability for the EZS 010.

Jungheinrich is among the leading international companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and materials handling sector. As a producing logistics service provider it offers its customers a comprehensive product range consisting of stackers, rack systems, services and consulting for complete intralogistics. The Jungheinrich share is traded on all German stock exchanges.

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