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Misumi mechanical components main catalogue offers small parts made to measure

Positioning pins such as locating pins, headed dowels and stopper pins are essential small components playing an important role in numerous applications. The current 113-page MISUMI main catalogue offers various designs and sizes to suit all applications.

Many automation solutions require objects to be perfectly aligned with each other. One of the application areas for positioning pins therefore, includes the alignment of work pieces in positioning devices or work piece carriers. The positioning type should be selected based on the insertion method (manual, automatic, prototyping, series production etc.) and the workpiece characteristics with regard to precision, quality, surface condition, material and the like. In general, it is important to take measures to prevent any impairment to the positioning ability, caused, for example, by thermal expansion, maladjustment or wear. MISUMI offers a varied portfolio of products for a wide range of applications, including precision and standard designs with small, large, round, pointed or conical heads, with internal and external threads or prefabricated shoulder widths, as well as double stepped versions and many more. Even for these tiny components, the various parameters and dimensions can be individually selected. As the repeat accuracy requirements in this area of application often lie within a range of a few hundredths of a millimetre, MISUMI frequently offers these components in increments of 0.01 mm. The range also includes components that have been optimised for electrically or thermally sensitive applications and made from materials such as plastic or stainless steel with an insulating layer of approx. 2 x 108 Ω.

In addition to a double-sided overview of the products available, the MISUMI main catalogue also includes a detailed selection table as well as information on characteristics and surface treatments. The team in the MISUMI Technical Support Department also offers users well-informed and application-specific advice about the optimum quantity, alignment, various assembly variants and range of products for a given application.

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