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Misumi offer free webinars exploring its eCommerce system and introducing new products

MISUMI Europa GmbH, based in Schwalbach, Germany, has developed a new communication concept to inform users quickly and easily about its extensive range of products and services: webinars.

With immediate effect, interested parties can participate in the free web seminars, also known as webinars. They are set up as interactive Internet and telephone conferences centred on using the catalogue, exploring the MISUMI 24/7 eCommerce system and its functions and introducing new products. "Webinars should be viewed as a sort of training — without having to leave your office", explains Stefan Kröger, one of the webinar moderators.

After registering for the relevant seminar, participants receive a confirmation e-mail including information on the next course of action. Once logged-on, users can participate in the relevant events via the Internet, with presentations from the company, training on using the catalogue or the MISUMI 24/7 eCommerce system and information on new products and their configuration options. Audio is transmitted over the telephone. It is also possible to communicate with the presenters via a chat room. All questions will be answered over the telephone conference, thereby benefitting all participants.

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