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MISUMI publish new factory automation components catalog

The new MISUMI catalogue will be published in January. The previous version, which was adapted from the Japanese original, has now been converted into a catalogue specifically targeted at the European market. Users will find it contains a wide range of new products for their local market. We have also boosted stocks in our central warehouse so that we can offer faster delivery times for many products and meet market needs.

There has been a clear and substantial improvement: With immediate effect, the extensive MISUMI main catalogue "Mechanical Components for Assembly Automation 2011/2012" will be published in two volumes. A customer survey carried out at an early stage confirmed what we were already thinking. The last issue was nearly 3000 pages long and six and a half centimetres thick. The large size of the catalogue was creating major challenges, and not just in terms of production; handling it (or rather, heaving it about) in the everyday construction business was also becoming increasingly difficult. This logistical situation was made much simpler by dividing the catalogue into two volumes, even though around a thousand extra pages were added. Whilst making these changes, we were able to use slightly thicker paper. We selected this paper in order to help prevent information from showing through the page, thereby improving legibility. MISUMI is also supplying a practical display box — the perfect solution for storing the sturdy pack of two catalogues.

Even more on offer
The range of items in the catalogue has also been extended to include 2546 new products. What’s more, extra configuration options are available for 784 products, such as additional shaft diameter, increased lengths and models with alternative tolerances. They have been added to the catalogue, which is now divided into 58 chapters. The structure of the catalogue has mostly been retained, including the image index at the beginning and an overview of each new product group. The tried-and-tested colour-coding system for individual chapters has also been included, enabling readers to find information quickly.

MISUMI has specially adapted its product range to the needs of the European market and, in addition to other changes, has reduced the price of products that are in particularly high demand. Delivery costs have been reduced for a total of 2165 components. Stocks at the central warehouse near Frankfurt am Main (Germany) have been boosted considerably, meaning shorter delivery times can be offered for around 720 products. MISUMI will make many products available for assembly within two days if they are being shipped domestically.
The printed version of the 2011/2012 edition is available in German, English, French, Italian and Czech.

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