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Mitsubishi diesel forklift trucks now come with unique protection package

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has announced that its latest range of GRENDIA ES 1.5 to 3.5 tonne range diesel counterbalance trucks will be fitted with full belly plate and, uniquely, with sealed rear wheel arches as standard.

The decision – believed to be an industry first – is a key factor in the manufacturer’s drive to minimise downtime and maximise long-term reliability in the toughest operating conditions.

At the same time, GRENDIA’s lean-burn, low fuel consumption engines make the range one of the most cost-effective fork trucks money can buy.

The Belly Seal protective package, now standard on all GRENDIA ES diesel models, comprises a full belly plate with sealed rear wheel arches plus cyclone air filter, which combine to prevent dust and dirt being drawn up into the engine where it can cause damage and clog the radiator. As a result, GRENDIA models will offer a longer working life, lower maintenance and lower running costs. It is understood that no other manufacturer offers this as standard.

At the heart of the GRENDIA is a genuine, industrial-designed engine with chain drive camshaft – again as standard – that eliminates the need for a timing belt and associated replacement downtime and maintenance costs.

At the same time, managed engine performance makes the GRENDIA one of the most fuel efficient forklifts on the market, delivering up to 40% better fuel economy than leading competitors.

Running costs are further reduced thanks to long service intervals, while low weight reduces brake wear and optimised steering geometry minimises tyre wear.

When service attention is required, RapidAccess panels reduce the time required for routine maintenance or repairs to half that of many competitors.

The highly specified models are supplied with long life LED working lights as standard.

Pre-shift checks too are quicker and easier to accomplish – so drivers are actively encouraged to conduct them properly and regularly – again contributing to the long life, smooth running and low operating costs of the truck.

Safety has been integrated into every facet of the truck. Built to ensure surefooted stability GRENDIA is, above all, highly predictable and intuitive to drive. Its foot pedals have a car-like position and feel – at an angle that is comfortable through the longest shift. Its six-roller mast is not only more rigid and much smoother than most rivals but it also offers unrivalled visibility: 38 per cent greater than many competitors – with fork lift tips and load in full view.

Safety is further enhanced through the IPS2 system, which locks down driving and hydraulic functions if the driver is not seated. Trucks are password-protected to prevent against unauthorised use. A unique intelligent speed limiter, available as standard on LPG models and as an option on diesel trucks, enhances safety and reduces cost, while giving full performance on ramps.

Speaking on behalf of Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks, Mike Jones said: "The GRENDIA stands out because it incorporates as standard, so many measure designed to improve safety and reliability while driving down the cost of ownership. No wonder it’s the world’s favourite forklift."

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