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Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks new system to counteract mast sway in high level order picking

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has addressed the issue of ‘sway delay’ with a remarkable innovation which raises picking productivity by some 5.8% in typical high level order picking applications.

The ‘active sway control’ system automatically works out and delivers the correct adjustment necessary to counteract the mast’s sway – so reducing the length of time an operator must wait between picks for the swaying to stop.

This software-driven feature cuts sway delay by 7.5 seconds per pick, on average, when operating at heights between 5100 and 10000 mm – saving up to 20 minutes over a typical shift.

As well as boosting output, the system gives an enhanced sense of control over acceleration and braking. The operator’s compartment remains steady, so drivers can fully focus on picking, while minimising vibrations within the cabin reduces the risk of driver fatigue.

The first trucks to benefit from this revolutionary development will be the manufacturer’s OPBH10N series of high level order pickers, which reach market-leading heights of up to 11.5 m. The unique design of these high-spec 1.0 tonne models has focused on allowing operators to work comfortably and pick quickly from the safe environment of the cabin.

Active sway control will be fitted as standard to all OPBH10N series models with a lift height of 5.1m or more. It has been launched alongside a host of new optional features, including an order picking cage and two new automatic safety modifications. Wire guidance and end-of-aisle braking options have been introduced for warehouse applications where visibility at intersections is an issue.

Contact: http://www.mitsubishi-forklift.co.uk

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