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Mobile Cantilever Racking System for thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary

Mobile Cantilever Racking System for thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary

Rather than equipping a larger warehouse with stationary racks, thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary decided to fit its new warehouse for plastic sheets with a mobile racking system by OHRA. This has enabled Hungary’s top trading company in steel, light metals, nonferrous metals, and plastic materials to significantly increase its storage capacity.

Broader product range for new market demands

Until now, thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary had stored the plastic sheets, with dimensions of up to 13 metres long and 2100 millimetres wide, on standard cantilever racks anchored to the floor. To be able to supply its approximately 4000 partners quickly and reliably with a significantly wider variety of products, and to meet changing market requirement, the company decided to double its storage capacity. The building of a new warehouse was unavoidable. Nevertheless, thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary was able to keep the volume and thereby the building costs of the new construction as low as possible by equipping the building with a mobile racking system by OHRA.

50 meters of racks on each moveable carriage

The system consists of three single-sided cantilever racks fixed to the floor and three double-sided racks mounted on moveable beds. By moving the carriages to form a compact storage block, only one racking aisle is ever open for operation with a four-way forklift – so space utilisation is very high. The mobile racks are nearly 50 metres long and 6.5 metres high. 2.1-metre-long cantilever arms form five storage levels and each carry a load of up to 800 kilograms. In total, each chassis can be loaded with up to 528 tonnes. Despite this load, the transfer carriages move at a speed of around 4 metres per minute; so you don’t have to wait long before the 4.59 metre wide service aisle has opened up.

More items accessed faster

thyssenkrupp Materials Hungary achieves highly compact storage with the mobile racking system. At the same time, the storage capacity has been doubled and a wider product range stocked. The combination of cantilever racks with the relatively high speed of the transfer carriages allows fast, targeted access to individual items.


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