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Mobile computing solutions company Nexcom introduce VTC 6200 PC for in vehicle Surveillance

With increased concerns over security threats, organizations around the world are re-considering their security requirements and investing in additional resources to enhance operations. With this in mind, Nexcom’s popular VTC series has been extended with the launch of VTC 6200, a dedicated computing solution for in-vehicle surveillance systems. VTC 6200 utilizes the powerful video processing capability of the Intel® Pineview D processor which supports Dual Core technology. With PC1 104 and Mini PCIe Expansion VTC 6200 can be connected to a wide variety of PoE enabled devises such as IP camera and RFID reader. With the inclusion of video capture card, VTC 6200 is perfect platform for video surveillance or mobile VDR applications within vehicles such as trains, buses, boats and trams.

Constructed from only the finest Industrial Components, VTC 6200 is housed in a durable chassis which guarantees operation at temperatures between -30 to 60 degree C. Designed specifically to withstand the rigors of in-vehicle operation, the robust VTC 6200 is designed to meet IP65, MIL and e13 standards. In addition, VTC 6200 can be powered directly from a vehicles battery and is equipped with a "smart power" management feature which prevents data loss if power is disconnected.

For applications that require data transfer and connectivity, VTC 6200 enables 3.5G, GSM/GPRS and WLAN connection. With PCI 104 and Mini-PCIe expansion, VCT 6200 will support additional expansion cards and connection to a wide variety of PoE enabled devices. Other features of this flexible in-vehicle PC include an onboard 1.6 Pineview D Dual Core CPU, Dual VGA output for in-vehicle infotainment applications, 2 x isolated RS-232 interfaces, Isolated GPIO and LAN connection.

VTC 6200 is just part of Nexcom’s ultra-reliable range of Mobile Computing Solutions which includes a variety of platforms designed for in-vehicle operation and the popular MRC Series of Semi-Rugged Tablet PC.

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