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Mobile dock lift aids Co-Op’s green commitment

A mobile dock lift from Transdek UK has increased productivity and efficiency at the United Co-op's Talke regional distribution centre in Staffordshire, while allowing the main vehicle access between the warehouse and the yard to be used when required.

As part of the Co-op's commitment to increase recycling, large quantities of waste cardboard generated by its 580 stores are now delivered to the Talke RDC in roll cages every day. When the two existing loading bays were occupied, vehicles had previously been unloaded in the yard by tail-lift, but this method was slow and tied up drivers for too long.

Transdek was commissioned to install a dock lift that could unload these cages more quickly and could also be used to load empty cages on to double-deck trailers. The equipment had to be movable to allow lift trucks to travel between the building and the yard, and this requirement was met by fitting retractable wheels on the lift chassis.

'The dock lift has enabled us to reduce labour costs by freeing up our drivers far more quickly than using a tail-lift', said Paul Cross, the United Co-op's general manager for logistics. 'It provides our staff with a weather-proof environment and has also enabled us to retain the main level access into the warehouse'.

The Transdek equipment required no civil engineering work, unlike conventional pit-mounted lifts, and was installed and ready to use in just two hours. It has a safe working load of 4500kg and can carry 12 roll-cages on its 3500mm long x 2450mm wide platform. A bridging plate automatically adjusts for different vehicle floor heights between 1050mm and 1400mm, including powered double-deck trailers.

The equipment has heavy-duty buffers to protect it from reversing vehicles and runs from a 415V three-phase mains electricity supply.

For sales inquiries contact Transdek UK Ltd on 01777 705958

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