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Mobile equipment gets a nose for flammable gas and vapour with Gascheka Duo

Mobile equipment gets a nose for flammable gas and vapour with Gascheka Duo

The number of businesses acting on concerns over mobile explosion risks in “safe” areas is growing, says Jim Maloney of Pyroban, as the company releases its 2016 version of safety device Gascheka Duo.

“At facilities where flammable materials are handled in volume, the areas that fall outside of designated Zone 1 or 2 hazardous areas are usually classed as safe,” says Jim Maloney, Product Manager from explosion protection specialist Pyroban.

“However, a growing number of businesses have had concerns about safety in their safe areas and have installed Gascheka duo to their vehicles working close to classified hazardous areas,” Jim says, explaining that designated “safe” areas are prevalent in refineries, chemical and petrochemical operations, aerosol storage, distilleries and a wide range of manufacturing and logistics operations.

“Many businesses want to do more than is required by legislation because they recognise that there may still be risks in their safe areas,” he confirms.

A simple addition to any diesel, LPG or electric vehicle, Gascheka Duo is a safety device from Pyroban that ensures vehicles have their own integral gas detection system and cannot operate when an explosive atmosphere could be present. It monitors the area surrounding any mobile equipment, and can be easily fitted to forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, vans, cranes, access platforms, people transporters and more.

“In the event of gas or vapour release and subsequent detection, an audible and visual warning will alert the equipment operator. If the gas level increases, the system will safely shut off the ignition electrical system and bring the equipment to a safe and controlled stop,” says Jim. “After all, gasses and vapour releases aren’t limited by Zones and mobile equipment can be an ignition source.”

Supplied as a kit of parts, Gascheka duo can be fitted locally within a matter of hours to new or existing equipment.
Once Gascheka duo shuts down the equipment, it cannot be restarted without the permission of the “Person in Authority” such as the Site Manager or Safety Manager and before the equipment can be restarted it will also check the area is gas or vapour free. The system is available with infrared or pellistor gas sensing heads to ensure the correct technology can be matched according to the hazard.expl

Gascheka duo is used in many operations alongside Pyroban’s full ATEX compliant explosion proof products as part of a total site safety solution, to help secure the safety of staff, the brand, local community and supply chain.


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