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Modec set to be the worlds first commercial Electric Vehicle to gain EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval

Modec the British manufactured electric van will soon be the first commercial electric vehicle to gain EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval EC WVTA. This will see Modec granted full N2 EC Type Approval, allowing it to sell its vehicles in all EU member states without the need for individual national approval.

As Modec are expanding internationally in 2009 this approval is crucial. European Modec dealers are being set up in The Netherlands, Ireland, France, Spain and Denmark thanks to strong market demand for the unique electric commercial vehicle.

Being purpose-built means the Modec chassis has been designed with safety and functionality in mind, as confirmed by its passing EC Type Approval legislation. All tests have been completed and final paperwork is being processed which means Modec vehicles will soon be on sale in international markets.

Bill Gillespie, Modec CEO, is delighted to have achieved N2 Type Approval: "The process has been rigorous and the level of testing required is significant. We thank Millbrook and the VCA for their support throughout the process. Modec strongly endorse the concept of European Type Approval and encourage all EV manufacturers to undergo the same process."

"Expanding to European markets was part of the original Modec business plan," added Gillespie. "Many international businesses recognize the benefits of Zero Emission Modec vehicles and demand continues to grow. N2 Type Approval has enabled Modec to meet this demand and expand rapidly."

Millbrook, the world class proving ground, was chosen by Modec to undertake the programme. This is the world’s first N2 category European Economic Community (EEC) Type Approval programme for electric vehicles.

"We are delighted to have been instrumental in helping Modec to achieve this Type Approval, the first of its kind," stated Tony Soper, Millbrook’s Principal Engineer – Homologation and Type Approval. "With electric vehicles becoming more prevalent, Millbrook is in a prime position to offer Type Approval facilities to manufacturers," concluded Soper.

The Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) has worked closely with Modec and Millbrook during the certification process.

A spokesperson for VCA said, "We are delighted that we have been able to support Modec through the EC WVTA process. Modec have shown a progressive attitude in seeking to obtain EC WVTA at this early stage."

Type Approval is a process of ensuring that vehicles meet the required environmental and safety standards outlined in the relevant EEC Directives and ECE regulations. Historically, European Type Approval has been available to ‘M1’ passenger cars, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles. Other types of vehicle, including electric, needed to gain Type Approval, where required, from each individual member country. From the end of April (2009), a change in legislation will make it possible to Type Approve all cars, buses, commercial vehicles and trailers, so that one Type Approval will be valid in all EU member states.

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