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Modernising operator licensing FTA

The Freight Transport Association has welcomed the statement by Transport Minister Dr Stephen Ladyman in respect of his proposals for the modernisation of Operator Licensing for operators of heavy goods vehicles.

Key changes announced by the Minister relate to the future appointment of a single Traffic Commissioner to deal with the licence of an operator with sites in more than one traffic area; a simplified fee structure; and a commitment to abolish windscreen discs for licensed vehicles after the roll-out of new technology.

FTA says that the proposal for the appointment of a single Traffic Commissioner is practical and efficient and long sought after by the industry; the proposal for fees are in line with FTA's submission; and the proposal to scrap windscreen discs was first made by FTA more than five years ago.

FTA's Gavin Scott says, 'The proposals from the Minister are welcome and reflect the extensive consultation process which has been carried out with FTA members and the industry in general. The Department for Transport has taken great care to listen to industry views and needs and the proposals clearly show this. We now look forward to further discussions regarding the next part of the process to look at the practical application of these changes.'

Contact: www.fta.co.uk

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