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Momentum logistics forecasts abundance of skills in 2009

Supply chain recruitment specialist, Momentum Logistics believes that the effects of widespread company downsizing will create a large pool of skilled management professionals seeking employment in 2009.

Momentum specialises in recruiting professional logistics managers, both permanent and interim.

As companies in all sectors 'de-layer' and seek to take out cost from their organisations, Momentum believes that management redundancies will become increasingly common in the next year. As a result, they anticipate that there will be a large pool of highly qualified, experienced candidates entering the jobs market, some for the first time after long employment with the same company.

Managing Director of Momentum Logistics, Steve Kaim-Caudle believes that many of the logistics industry's big employers can benefit by introducing this new talent into their organisations.

“An influx of skilled professionals will mean that major logistics service providers (LSPs) can be highly selective and only recruit high calibre individuals who meet their exact requirements,” says Steve.

“This doesn't necessarily mean recruiting only those with direct logistics experience. Managers from retail or manufacturing backgrounds possess skill sets that can bring value to a logistics operation and these individuals will be an attractive proposition to those companies which are in a position to recruit.”

At the same time, 3PLs are themselves under increased pressure from their clients for faster, leaner, lower cost solutions and in many cases, are themselves seeking to take cost out of their organisations.

For example, customers in the retail sector are past experts at reducing costs and, with like for like sales down by double digits, they have great incentive. Their combination of attention to detail with not being afraid to ask for the near impossible will put great pressure on their contractors.

3PLS with closed book arrangements will also be under pressure from reducing volumes. With reduced profit potential they will cut back where they can and recruitment will be looked at long and hard.

From the employees' perspective, Steve believes that substantial changes to management structures will present greater challenges to both job seekers and incumbents. “Candidates are likely to find it increasingly difficult to secure a job because there will be more skilled people competing for the same position,” he adds.

“Those who retain their jobs will find themselves under increasing pressure and will need to cover more ground in order to fill the gaps that emerge from leaner management structures. This will be viewed as an opportunity by some, as a threat by others,” Steve suggests.

Steve concludes: “The adage that 'people are our greatest strength' and 'our USP' needs to be reflected through the recruitment process and leaner times in 2009 make this doubly so. To find the best candidates, recruiting managers need to think through the whole process, its desired outcomes and strategies needed to achieve them. Working with a specialist logistics recruitment provider must make sense.”

“With redundancies across many sectors, there will certainly be an opportunity to attract high calibre individuals with transferable skills into our industry. Whether we will be bold enough to seize it remains to be seen.”

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