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Monityre reduces fuel costs

whilst saving operators money, time and unnecessary accident damage. With an estimated 1 in 3 commercial vehicle tyres claimed to be incorrectly inflated, the failure to spot problems in truck and trailer tyre pressures can have catastrophic financial effects and damaging consequences for any operator. However, a practical cost effective solution to this problem is now at hand with the launch of Monityre™ from Safe Europe plc.

Monityre™ is an innovative tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that eliminates the issues associated with other monitoring systems, allowing operators to accurately and easily monitor tyre pressures within a fleet.

“Over or under inflation of tyres not only has an adverse effect on fuel consumption but can also shorten the life of the tyre by up to 32%. At the same time, incorrect tyres pressures can easily lead to disastrous on-road blow outs with resulting accidents, which can cost lives as well as substantial damage to the actual vehicle and third parties,” said Charles Rabbidge, from Safe Europe, announcing details of the launch of Monityre™.

By regularly monitoring the tyre pressures of a truck and trailer, fuel bills can be cut dramatically. According to Safe Europe plc, they estimate that a fleet comprising of 100 trailers, for example, could save up to 0.15mpg, which translates to somewhere in the region of £100,000 per annum in its annual fuel costs, with further savings from improved vehicle uptime and tyre life.

Monityre™ from Safe Europe plc is a ground breaking tyre pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial vehicles and tractor/trailer combinations. The system consists of four main finished components – the Pressure (and Temperature) sensors (one per tyre), the In Cab DIN display unit, and in the case of tractor/trailer combinations, the trailer mounted Smart Booster and the unique programming Hand Tool.

“Most truck operators manage the condition of their tyres but how often do they check the tyre pressures,” says Charles Rabbidge, “With Monityre™, not only are the pressures and temperatures monitored constantly, but perhaps the most unique part of the system is its ability to cope with the dropping and swapping of trailers, a problem that isn't overcome effectively by many other TPMS systems.”

With Monityre™, when a trailer is dropped, the trailer Smart Booster is de-powered. The In Cab Display recognises the loss of trailer signals and adjusts the display to feature just the tractor. This occurs because the trailer Smart Booster carries the trailer identity and the wheel positions of each sensor on the trailer. If there is no power, then there is no signal. When the tractor connects to a sensor fitted trailer, the trailer Smart Booster is powered-up and within 2 minutes, the display recognises the new signal, showing the new trailer and its tyre positions and pressures.

Each trailer is identified in the Smart Booster by the last 6 digits of its fleet number, which are programmed in via the Hand Tool. Once programmed, the Cab Display will note this identity in any alarm logs that are produced. Using the Hand Tool, solo trailers can also have their tyre pressures and temperatures checked, prior to being coupled to a trailer, which is a unique feature of the Monityre™ system designed to facilitate garage use and ensure accurate readings.

“We believe that Monityre™ is totally unique, protecting vehicles and trailer like no other TPMS. A further benefit of the system is that it is wireless. Fitting is simple and easy, taking approximately just one hour per tractor/trailer combination,” comments Charles Rabbidge.

Monityre™ has been developed exclusively over a two-year period by Safe Europe plc and prior to its main launch this month has been extensively field trialled with a selection of UK operators with varying distribution patterns.

Operators of truck and trailers can save money by optimising tyre life with Monityre™, whilst maximising fuel economy by ensuring the correct tyre pressures. At the same time, this TPMS can mitigate the occurrence of tyre blowouts, roadside call outs and assistance, as well as the potential third party or own vehicle damage caused as a result of a blow out. Consequently, vehicle downtime is reduced, and journey times are not interrupted that could cause potential missed delivery schedules.

“Monityre™ is an important tool in maximising vehicle safety, corporate responsibility, whilst impacting positively on carbon emission reduction. We believe that the introduction of Monityre™ will play a vital role in managing and optimising operator running costs,” concludes Charles Rabbidge.

Further information about the Monityre™ system can be obtained by contacting Safe Europe plc on 0870 803 1034 or by viewing the website on www.safeeu.com

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