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Mono makes it ‘EZ’ with launch of new EzstripTM Muncher

Growing its family of revolutionary maintain-in-place (MIP) solutions, NOV Mono has launched yet another EZstripTM innovation which is set to revolutionise the water and wastewater industry by significantly reducing the costly down time that inspection and maintenance of grinders can often cause.

Following on from the successful launch of its EZstripTM progressing cavity (PC) pump range, Mono has incorporated the same innovative MIP technology into its range of high performance grinders, providing engineers with the option to install a complete EZstripTM package.

The new EZstripTM TR Muncher® is a competitively priced grinder that has been specifically designed to meet on-site tanker discharge requirements and sludge/fat processing, by protecting downstream equipment from blockages, while allowing quick and easy inspection and maintenance, without the need to disconnect any pipework.

Simon Lambert, Group Sales and Marketing Director, at Mono, commented: "Following the overwhelming success of our EZstripTM range of PC pumps, for which we received fantastic feedback from our customers, we immediately began work on developing even more applications for this groundbreaking technology. We wanted to grow the EZstripTM family of products and continue to make life easy for our customers.

"With 30 years experience in grinder applications, our decision to develop the new EZstripTM TR Muncher® was an obvious one. Currently, the removal of the cutting elements from a typical grinder or macerator requires removal from site and can take up to two days to complete. With our new EZstrip™ TR Muncher®, the complete cutter stack can be inspected and replaced within only two and a half hours – an incredible feat."

Installation of the new EZstrip™ TR Muncher® is simple, with in-line flanges or the option of tanker coupling connections. Quick release inspection covers allow in-situ replacement of the cutters and these can be specified to 8.0mm, 5.5mm and 3.0mm thickness to match the optimum particle size for specific process requirements.

No special tools are required when maintaining the EZstripTM TR Muncher® and operational parameters are unaffected. It has a capacity of up to 440 m3/h on raw sewage and up to 330m3/h on 4% sludge.

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